“What’s the season now?”


Hi there! Are you getting ready for Spring? Or you still have “winter feeling” everyt time you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed? I know most of us are still confused of what to answer to the question of “What’s the season now?”. Just like yesterday while I was having the bilingual kids’ class and just exactly I asked them of the season they suddenly stopped and looked outside (from the big glass window in our classroom they can clearly see the weather I asked them “what’s the matter?” And they replied: “Does it snow in Spring?” Then, I glance outside and corrected them: “It’s actually a sleet” which they replied right away: “whatever …” The season is winter! ”

For some, Spring has come and they are already preparing themselves for some of door activities or for the spring vacation but for the others, it still feels like Winter but nevertheless, looking forward to the new season.

Observation classes going on for the last three weeks before on the classroom again. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome so please feel free to approach any of our school staff.




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