Summer School Escapades Part 2

Playtime…Movie time!

After the yummy 😋 dinner was their chance to talk to each other, make friends and play  games while practicing some English phrases on their Phrase Book.


Breakfast…Preparing, Cooking and Eating Together

This is another chance for them to take part in the cooking and preparation of their own breakfast. Most of them knew what to do with supervision, of course! (thanks to the moms 😊 who let them help at home).

Morikoro Park Activities…

…And the most awaited part is going to Morikoro Park! Some of them had been there but it was different being with new friends, enjoying and having fun.

Participants were grouped into three with an assigned teacher for each group and a leader was also chosen to be responsible for the members of their respective group.  Their unity and teamwork were tested at all times and I can say that everybody did a GREAT job!

Though the temperature was extremely HOT 🔥 and the park was so crowded, our students were well-bahaved and everyone was safe and unharmed all-throughout the day.


We’ll not let the Summer School pass by without something that the participants will leave behind – and that’s their Creativity and Originality through painting.

Closing Program, Giving of Certificates and Souvenirs…

We all know that the hardest part of “hellos” are “goodbyes” 😔 but I’m sure this 2-day activity didn’t just taught them English conversation but a unique experience of being away from their families and being with total strangers who eventually became a family too!

In behalf of Kikko English School Management and Staff, I would like to THANK ALL the Participants – our own Students and Visitors together with their supportive Parents for making this year’s Summer School once again a Memorable one.

Till next year’s Summer School!


I’d end our Summer School Escapades but stay tuned to our regular school blogs!

Stay cool and fresh 🌻 🌊 🍦 🏊‍♀️

Olga ❤️


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