LINEで英会話!Senior class: “Learning never Stops”








I am just so proud and glad to know that our Senior class is getting a high motivation in learning English more now.

Today, I learned from one of the members of the class that he and one of his classmates had started exchanging short messages through “line” -. A social media application on smartphones, in “all-English” conversation I asked him when did they start this practice and he said about a month ago. He also added that when they meet out privately they are practicing English conversation too. I was really amazed that they also find time and initiative on how to improve their English communication skills not only through classroom lessons, activities and role plays. Moreover, he had also started messaging his African-American friend through “line” since they had not met at the gym (which is also his one way of practicing English conversation) recently. He told me that he will introduce his classmate to his foreign friend too.

I always tell them that one of the best ways to remember English is to practice the language, talk as much and as often as you can, wherever and whenever you are.




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