Making Nemo? (August-September Craft)



 G’day mate! (This is a common greeting in Australia.)

Now, we are in the typhoon season. Better prepare your umbrellas and raincoats to avoid getting wet.

But even with the weather like this, many of our students still come and study. Maybe they miss being around their classmates or perhaps, their teachers? 🙂

Let me introduce to you our latest craft.



Yes, that’s Nemo and his other friend. 

If you’re not familiar, Nemo is a famous character from a Pixar movie entitled “Finding Nemo”. It’s famous among kids, teenagers and even adults.

That is why the kids where so delighted to make their very own version of it. We made use of the extra paints from our summer school event and some paper plates.

Beforehand, parents where instructed to have their kids bring their own smock.


見て!すごいでしょう?”これ何色?” ”どんな海の動物たちを作ってる?” ”そこ、気をつけて切ってね” ”その色をちょうだい” など英語で先生が聞きながら、進めていきます。最初のうちは、先生が何を言っているかが、全然わからないのだけど、みんな、そのうちにわかるようになるから、焦らなくても大丈夫です!


Look at that! Is not it great?

The kids really enjoyed making it. This activity also let us reinforce their knowledge about simple action words, colors and the like.

“What color is this?” , “What kind of sea animal are you making?” , “Cut the parts carefully.” , “Please pass the color …” , Are just some of the questions and phrases that we used.

Even if some of them can not really speak well, but the mere thought that they tried to understand and respond to what you say is already an achievement.


To see them learn And enjoy is a teacher’s joy as well 🙂 

So, let’s continue doing this. Shall we?





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