Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

dsc_9422“Who doesn’t want to say “goodbye” to summer? I guess none or very few will say “I do”, but count me in to the few! Yes, I like summer for some reasons and one of those is: I sweat even if I don’t go to the gym or do some exercise, I feel more active! Sound strange? But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for the coming of Fall or Autumn season. As early as now, we can feel the cold morning and evening breeze, maybe no more turning on of aircon when we go to bed (to save electricity, and for our health as well), more potatoes to eat, the dragonflies in our garden, the colorful autumn leaves and of course the most awaited “halloween”! It’s a “short” season so I hope everybody will have the chance to enjoy and embrace it while it last.

Please be informed of our Halloween event this year. There will be lots of fun and surprises you shouldn’t miss.

Be with us as we say: “Hello, Fall!”




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