A Happy Halloween Parade! 幼児向けハロウィンパレード







Happy Halloween !小さな子どもたちのために、ハロウィンパレードをしました。

ハロウィンの音楽も鳴らしながら、みんな素敵な衣装をまとって、家から家へ4軒周り、大きな声で Trick or treat, Trick or treat, It’s Halloween!


Trick or treat って言えたよね。


Trick or treat, Trick or treat, It’s Halloween!

We had our Halloween parade and party earlier than the Halloween date itself but the students didn’t mind it at all. It was a day filled with fun, laughter and excitement.

So to start of what happened in October 22nd, I’ll talk about the Halloween parade.

The parade was for small kids from ages 2-6 years old. Most of our students joined and some visitors came as well.


They all arrived with their supposedly scary but very cute costumes.

The kids were divided into two groups; 1 group for Olga and the other group for me. It was so fun leading them to the different assigned places. They were all excited to get many treats and show people their beautiful costumes.




この可愛い小さな女の子を見てくださいな。♥ なんて可愛いのかしら ♥♥♥


お菓子を貰ったあとは、大きな声で、Thank you !!! Happy Halloween!


Look at that very happy Alice, counting her candies. 🙂

Of course before they got their treats, they said the three magic words for Halloween, “TRICK OR TREAT!”…and after receiving it, they didn’t forget to say “THANK YOU!!”.

We went back to the meeting place after going to all the places. The kids started to eat the candies and played some toys they got. Moms were also happy to see their kids enjoying and having fun. They didn’t forget to take many pictures as well 🙂




Overall, It was a very good activity. Not just for us, for the parents but most especially for the kids. The kids got to experience a culture that may not be familiar to them and they actually enjoyed it.

Hope to see them again for next year’s parade!




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