Follow-up is important.


Hello everyone!





Time seems to go by so fast. It’s already January and we are nearing the end of another school year.

As I recall my first few months teaching here, most of the students were friendly but there were a few who were not so welcoming at first. Now, I can say that I have quite a good relationship with almost all of the students maybe with the exception of a few.

As I get to know them I noticed the importance of follow-up especially at home by parents. Students who were having a simple review at home by their mom or dad, tend to be more participative in class.

As an example, I thought the kids about numbers today. One little kid stood out because he can count in English not just 1 to 10 but up to 30! or even more! I asked him “Why can you count that good?” and he said “Mama and I count numbers whenever I take a bath.” then he smiled. 🙂

So to the parents of our dear students and to all the parents out there, simple actions can result to great things and learning shouldn’t end in the classroom. If you have the time to spare, study with them. It will be a great bonding for you and your kid to learn together. 🙂 See you!






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