Let’s make another wonderful Year!

IMG_7347Hello guys! How are you spending the winter season so far? Well, it’s been snowy for two days and I hope you just keep yourselves warm and it would be better and safe to stay at home, do your homework, play games with the family Or just relax in bed on a weekend or after school or work.

I thought the first week of classes after the winter vacation would be “lazy-like” and dragging for the kids, but No Way! They are very much enthusiastic and filled with energy as we continue our lessons and activities. Excited to go back to their English class or maybe just missed their English teacher ♥. Even the kids at our assigned preschools, were far more active than the usual. There’s no big satisfaction for a teacher than to see her / his students’ Motivation to learn and improve their skills. So, with a cheerful heart we welcome them for another great year to spend at Kikko English School.

Please take note of the schedule of our open classes and soon to open branch in Nagakute.

We’ll be very glad to see and meet new students soon!




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