PUP Talk – 3

Hi there!

Let’s have some PUP Talk, shall we?

In today’s talk, let’s have some sentences that you can use to tell your kids to do or not do something.

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Lets start!

“Please put on / take off  your shoes.”

靴を履いてね。/ 靴を脱いでね。

  • Parents can use “Please take off  your …” when their kid is about to enter our school, their house, and any establishment where they need to remove their footwear. Likewise, parents can use “Please put on your …”  when kids are about to leave the place.

“Do not run / go out / jump , please.”

走らないでね/ 出ないでね/ジャンプしないでね

  • Usually after the lesson, kids would rush to go out to see their mom and dad again. Sometimes it can be a bit dangerous especially if it gets crowded in the hallway. So mommy and daddy, you can tell and request your kids to stop running or jumping in English. The equation is very simple. Just add ( Don’t / Do not + simple action + please) .

* Please  – the use of this word does not only imply politeness but also serves as an emphasis in a request.

That’s all for today. Do not forget to check out our last PUP talks and blog posts so you can stay updated. 🙂 Cheers!



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