PUP Talk – 6


PUP(Parents Useful Phrases) Talk 6

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PUP Talk is a series of blog post that talks about Useful phrases and sentences for parents to use.

Parents should also keep up with the kids, right? 😉

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime Together

So for today, We will be talking about sentences when eating together with your family.

Let Start!

“Are you hungry?”

You can ask this to your kids before meal time.

Kids can say “I’m not yet hungry.” / “I’m hungry!”
子どもたちは、「空いてないよ」😃 または「空いてるよ」😋

” (Name), Let’s eat~!
「 (お子様の名前)、さあ、食べましょう」 😋

To call the children, you can tell them this.
You can insert their name before “Let’s eat” to be more specific.

For example,
“Airi, Let’s eat~!”
「あいり、さあ、食べましょう」 😋

“How’s the food?”

To ask the kids if they liked the food or not.
They can say “Yes! It’s yummy!” or
“Hmmm..It’s okay” (Hopefully they won’t say the second one) 😀
「うん、美味しいよ!」😍 または、

That’s it for today. See you on the next one!



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