PUP Talk – 8

Hey there! 

We are about to transition from one season to another. Early morning as well as late evening are starting to get cool but noontime is still hot. For that reason, some people tend to get sick because they can’t adopt to changes easily. This is especially true for children that’s why we have to ask them when they don’t feel and look well. 




Here are some useful sentences for this tough time. Let’s start!



“Are you okay?”


A very simple question that you can ask to know how they feel. You have to say it in a soft and concerned way. Kids should say “I’m okay/ fine”  and “No, I’m not”. (Hopefully they won’t say the second one)

Ex. “Rino, you don’t look well. Are you okay~?


“Let me check your temperature”


If the child doesn’t feel well, most of the parents check their kids body temperature. It’s either by touching the forehead/ neck or by using a thermometer.


 This is a thermometer. 

“Let’s drink your medicine.”


Ways to cure sickness are taking a rest, drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food and of course, drinking medicine.  Parents should think of creative ways to make their kids drink especially if doesn’t taste so good. 


So, that’s all for today. Take care and don’t get sick! 

“Prevention is better than cure”







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