It’s time to celebrate!

Busy September

September was indeed a very busy month for all of us at Kikko English School. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend our gratitude to the parents who went to our observation classes and gave their comments as well as their suggestions. We are humbled by the great feedback we got and with these, we will make sure to continue to work harder and also to improve so that we can educate our students more effectively and efficiently as well as to make English more fun for them!

We need a break too!

We ended our busy September with a simple celebration last Saturday, September 30. Not only it’s good but it’s also important to take time off work, de-stress and enjoy with your friends. Together, we had lunch to celebrate three birthdays – Chiemy’s (September 15), Teacher Olga’s (September 28), Teacher Shella’s (October 2) and Eimy’s dad (September 26) and also, to mark the end and the success of Kikko English School’s first observation month for this school year. It felt really great to be together and forget about work for awhile and just hang out and have fun.

The more, the merrier

All of us were there – Eimy, Chiemy, Tamae, Olga, Shella and me! To add to the fun, we were also joined by Eimy’s parents. They were very friendly and kind and clearly, they were very supportive. After lunch, Eimy’s dad showed us some of his magic tricks. We were like children in awe! It was very cool of him to do such a thing.

I hope we could do this again so as to strengthen our bond with one another so that we could work more harmoniously and also to relax from all the stress from work. That’s all for now, have a great week everyone!






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