Color Changing Milk Experiment

Another Amazing Simple Experiment

Hope everybody’s fine and in good shape despite the coming of the “cold season”. Yes, it’s winter time once again!

And the winter vacation is fast approaching.

But before that, we will be enjoying our Christmas Party this week.

Watch out how our students make their very own Christmas card for mom, dad, friend or someone special to them!

I’m sure you’ve already seen the Color Changing Milk Experiment in Eimy’s previous blog.

Yes! It was so simple yet amazing. The kids did enjoy and of course learned new words in this activity.



Here it Goes:

We prepared milk, food color, dishwashing detergent, cotton buds.

It’s very easy! Just pour some milk into a dish, then put a drop of food color (color of your choice) onto it.

Dip the cotton bud into a dishwashing detergent then onto the milk then see what happens to the food color on the milk…




The secret of the bursting colors is in the chemistry of that tiny drop of soap (dishwashing detergent). Like other oils, milk fat is a non-polar molecule and that means it doesn’t dissolve in water.

When the soap is mixed in, however, the non-polar (hydrophobic) portion of micelles (molecular soap structures in solution) break up and collect the non-polar fat molecules.

Then the polar surface of the micelle (hydrophilic) connects to a polar water molecule eith the fat held inside the soap micelle.

Amazing! Isn’t it?



Don’t miss next week’s experiment here at KES (Kikko English School) Lab!

Till then,




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