School Year Ender (Part 5)

Countdown to Spring Vacation

Hi Guys! It’s warmer today than the last few days and in a little while it will be Officially Spring in which Japan will be celebrating the Start of Spring season on the 21st of March and after that will be the Spring Vacation! Aren’t you excited about it? Well, maybe for some who has hay fever or pollen allergy, not so much fun, for running nose and irritated eyes are really annoying. But nevertheless, some can still find this season exciting and enjoyable just like yours truly who have a terrible hay fever but I still love Spring especially the Cherry Blossom.

We’re on the last week of our school year 2017-2018  and Observation Classes still ongoing. It’s been a busy 2-week for us aside from the Observation classes, we are finalizing our Students’ Schedule for the new school year, answering (parents’) questions and inquiries, etc.etc. So far, so good with the students’ performances in class and obviously they’re very much ready to level-up their English Study this coming April.






All comments and suggestions of the parents during the Observation classes will surely help us grow as teachers and bring out All the Best that we could give. We will always live with our Mission which is “Giving quality English Education with Fun and Excitement”. We’re very grateful for most of the parent’s appreciation and overwhelming comments, those are our inspiration to continue to teach our students with all our HEART.

We’ll keep you posted!

If you think you’re going to miss our blogs, you’re wrong! Because we won’t let you miss the happenings even outside Kikko English School. Yes, that’s right! Teacher Jake and I will be going back home and update you of the events that we’re going to attend to and places that we will visit. I’m sure Teacher Shella will have some interesting things to share too as she continues to explore Japan.

Enjoy and Have Fun!




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