Homecoming Escapade Continues…

Summer time…

Although my home country is a “tropical country” we still have the most awaited SUMMER time which starts from late March to May.

Most students enjoy the summer vacation at the pool, beach, falls and hot springs with their families and friends.

Since this is my first summer homecoming after a long while, I didn’t miss the main event which is the family bonding.

Right after my daughter’s graduation, we went back home to Manila and observed the Holy Week (as a Christian family).

We were supposed to have a 5-day trip to Vigan (one of the tourist destinations) then, but unfortunately my brother-in-law was hospitalized the day before the scheduled travel so we have to cancel this trip and preferred for an overnight in a nearby Pool and Lake Resort.

We still had a great time though.








My BIG, HAPPY Family ❤



Vigan, Ilocos Sur


Our “supposed to be” destination…


That’s all for now, more happenings to share in my next blog 😊

Olga 😍



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