Good Start!


After distributing the students’ textbooks and other school materials, There was no doubt that they were eager to use it, learn and know what’s in store for them this school year. They are now ready to take new challenges.

We officially started using each class’ textbooks, and I was more pleased to see their enthusiasm in class. The participation in the class recitations were promising, I can see that everybody was really doing their best. I hope this will continue until the end of the school year.



Earthquake Drill

Since the Safety of our students is our top priority, one of our safety measures is to hold an annual Earthquake drill. This week, we’ve started doing the drill both in Kikko and Nagakute schools for all classes. We did it like it’s the “actual” things that we will do in case an earthquake occurs. We didn’t inform the students that we will be having a drill instead, the teacher shouts “Jishin Da!” (“Earthquake!”) and quickly the students would go under the table, then after a while, the teacher will ask them to follow her in going out of the school and settle in a safe place outside. Then, our staff will explain what we just did.






School Picnic

One of the yearly activities of our school is the School Picnic or we can also call it a Family Day because families of our beloved students are also Welcome. This activity allows every student to meet, talk and play with everybody in school. The teachers prepare a short program and some games which can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s a great chance to practice English outside their classrooms and bond with the teachers too.

Hope to see You there!

Olga ❤



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