It’s Summertime!

Changing Season…

I hope this blog finds you well regardless of the “changing season”. As you all know, we’ve already said “goodbye to Spring” as we welcome the Rainy season; and though we still have a few more days left before it’s officially Summer, the temperature went as high as 36 degrees! Soooo HOT ☀ That’s why, let’s all be careful with the heat stroke by keeping our body cool and drinking lots of water especially when you’re doing some activities may it be in or outdoors.


Fishing in the classroom…

Yes! We’ve started our fishing game, not at the beach, lake or ocean, but in our very own classroom and kids really loved and enjoyed this game.



A Week  before Summer Vacation!

I guess everyone is so excited for the Summer vacation. As usual students get the chance to relax at home, go out of town or even out of the country with the family, and playing outside with friends during the long summer vacation. Oh! How I miss Summer in the Philippines!


“Benkyou House” and Summer School

Registration is still open for the “Benkyou House” and Summer School. Please refer to our flyers or website for details. You may invite your friends to join even if they’re not a student of Kikko English School. It will be more fun for sure 😊. We’ll be waiting for you!


We’ll keep you posted!

Olga ❤



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