Summer School Escapades Part 1

Summer School…A Success!

Welcome back to Kikko English School! We’re so excited to see everyone in their respective classrooms with their own “summer vacation adventures” to tell.

Well, as you all know,  we just had our four days and two nights Summer School with the first batch from Tuesday to Wednesday and the second batch from Thursday to Friday held at Kikko “Nagakute” English School. This year’s theme is “Mexican” so we came up with “tacos” for food and “Coco” or popularly known in Japan as “Remember Me” for the film showing. I’m sure most of you had seen the updates on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and for those who haven’t, here’s a recap and of course you may still visit the said accounts for more stories, videos and pictures.

The Shopping and Preparation…

The teachers did the shopping and cooking personally for the dinner…


Meet…Greet and Introduction

All participants arrived before the time so the teachers we’re able to greet their parents and officially welcome them to the “overnight” event.

For the Self-Introduction/Ice-breaker, we played 7-up, wherein everybody is seated in a circle and teacher assigns somebody to start the count of one (1) by placing his/her hand on his/her chest (right hand-left chest or left hand-right chest), he/she can chose either. Then wherever his/her hand points will be the next person to count two (2) e.g. If he/she places his/her right hand on the left chest, the person on the left says the next number and if other wise the person on the right is next and so the counting continues up to seven (7) in which the 7th person places his/her hand on his/her head (he/she may choose again which hand to use) and once again wherever the hand points will be the next person to continue counting back to number one (1). If somebody makes a mistake with the action on the number (particularly the number 7), he/she stands up and introduces himself/hersself. Everybody gots the chance to introduce themselves, of course! 😊

Water Gun Fight!

I can say that the Summer School will never be complete without this all-time favorite summer game – the Water Gun Fight!

Dinnertime…Mexican Style

This unique dinner gave them the chance to make their own “tacos”. Though at first we thought they won’t it much since it was the first time to eat a Mexican food particularly “tacos” for most of them but surprisingly, everybody enjoyed their original-made “tacos” and even ate an average of four “tacos” each! 🌮 😋

Since there are still lots of stories to tell and this blog is getting quite long, I may end here but will be back soon so stay tuned to the part two of this blog.

Till next time,

Olga ❤️



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