Spring Picnic 2016

The Spring picnic was held last April 30 at Obata Park. There were lots of games for everybody. The weather was like summer but the kids didn’t seem to mind the heat of the sun but rather they were excited playing with new friends and eating together as a family.

The program started with a welcome message from  Eimy and the teachers then followed by a short self introduction of each of the students afterwhich, was a dance number demonstration for the kids to perform after the activities.



“Potluck” lunch was enjoyed by everyone. Kids with their parents tried different kinds of food featuring “adobo” – a famous dish in the Philippines and “guacamole” -a famous dish in Mexico.1462010966250

After eating lunch and a resting time, we started the games. “Duck, duck goose”, “Ball relay”  and “Follow-Me” was participated by everybody  while “Red light, green light” by the kids”. All kids got a toy and candies for their sportsmanship during the game.



The dance finale on the spot was participated by the kids and it was more fun for they only watched the demonstration once and they did great.










In behalf of the management, I would like to thank all the students with their parents who joined the Spring Picnic and made that day a “Family Day” for them.

Watch out for our next event!…Summer School on August 8, 9 and 10, 2016.

See you there!





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