My student turned teacher??



Shella先生が、彼に、日記に書いた修学旅行の内容について聞くと、“Can I Write On The Board?” と言って、日本の地理と、歴史について、できる限りの英語で、教えてくれました自信に溢れ、まるで先生になったようでした。素晴らしかったです!!!

Shella先生がそのことを英語で、書いていますので、ぜひご覧ください。 ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓



Good day everyone!

As what you’ve read from the past blog, we started to let the junior high schoolers write in their journal. They can write from a day’s activity or a week’s experience. One student of mine diligently writes on his journal and I really commend him for that.

This time, he wrote about their school’s field trip!


Checking His Journal After, I Asked Him Some Questions About Their Field Trip. As He Could Not Really Explain That Well And My Japanese Comprehension Very Low, He Asked Me In English “Can I Write On The Board?” . Then, This Happened ! ….


The board was filled with his illustrations and explanations:. D

I guess his fave subject was History because he enjoyed telling me all about places in Japan. Of course, He tried his best to communicate in English. I enjoyed and got happy because I saw that my student is learning to be more open to me and to the English language as well.

Hope other students will follow him too! I’m sure it will come! 🙂




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