Hello. I’m Chiemi.



≪ Ann’sプロフィール ≫

本   名  : Marry Ann Chio Ablen(案 智緒)

出身 地  : Davao city , Philippines

家   族 : Husband、Cat(アクセル)

趣   味 : Watching Netflix or Disney+ movies and series, going to a park specially during sunset when weather is nice.

好きな食べ物 : cake and ice cream

性   格  : a little bit shy at first

長   所  : calm, patient

将 来 の 夢 : Teaching multiple languages to my children in the future.

Travel abroad, explore nature, and have a wonderful adventure.




Ann先生は、お休みの日はフィリピンに居るolder sister、nieceといつも電話で話しているそうです。 



・ What kind of teacher do you want to be?
***I want to be an effective English teacher, where I can make students to be motivated and keep their dream up high. I want to inspire them that learning is fun and limitless.

・ What is your personality?
***I’m a kind of person that is a little bit shy at first.
I value and respect other people opinions and ideas. And I’m kind of person that likes to explore new adventures in life.

・ What are your strong points?
***I stay calm in a confusing situation. I won’t give up easily until I can found solution to a problem and I’m a kind of person that accept criticism and used it in positive way.

・ What do you like?
*** I really like traveling. If given an opportunity I want to travel the whole world before I die.

・ What is your favorite food?
***I like most of the foods specially sweets like cakes and ice cream.

・ What are your hobbies?

***Aside from watching Netflix or Disney+ movies and series, I spent my day walking to a park during the sunset. I also love to do hiking surrounded by natures and taking picture of beautiful places here in Japan.

・ Tell us about your family.
***I recently got married to my American husband, who is also an English teacher here in Japan. We don’t have kids yet, but we have an adopted cat and his name is Axel. Our cat just turn 6 months old and he’s getting more naughty. I also have a sister and a niece, who live in Davao City, my hometown. Whenever I have a day off, I call them and talk to them.

***(We’re four in our family my parents, my one older sister and me. But 11 years ago both my parents pass away and now it just me, my sister and her cute daughter.)

・ Where is your hometown?
***My hometown is in Davao city it is located in the Southern part of the Philippines.

・ What are your dreams in the future?
***My dreams in the future is to have my own children and teach them to be multilingual. And to travel to different country, explore nature and have a wonderful adventures.



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