My First Halloween Party(JAKE)

Halloween Hype

Kids really get excited for Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t, right? It’s the time of the year where people get to dress up as anyone they want, may it be their favorite character, a cute or a scary one. Not to mention the treats and the candies. Just enough reasons to get excited!

Halloween Party

It has been a week since our Halloween party but for me, the hype is still on! I got to dress up as my favorite childhood video game character — Mario! Many children are familiar with Mario and so, it was quick for them to tell who I’m dressed up as. And also, it was very delightful to see my students in cute costumes! Everyone were so adorable.

This year was my first time to join Kikko English School’s Halloween Party and I really had fun! I would like to say kudos to everyone who made the party’s success possible. Those months of preparation really paid off for I’m sure everyone had a great time and enjoyed the games, treats and prizes. I can’t wait for next year’s! See you all in your Halloween costumes and watch out for mine!


Micky dance






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