I’m back!

Hello everyone! I’m back from my Spring vacation. Did you enjoy yours? Well for me, I spent my vacation in the Philippines, where I’m originally from and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I’m sorry it took a while to write a blog, seems like I left my mind and my heart back home. 

To be honest, I feel bad because I was not able to take many pictures during my stay in the Philippines since I’m not the type of person who takes a lot of pictures. But it’s okay, I’ll still share my experience with the pictures I have on my phone.

My Treasures

Let me introduce you to the people who made my stay in the Philippines fun and worthwhile.


First and foremost, the most important above everything else: FAMILY

I have a purpose and a goal in life, and that is to make them happy and proud.

Let me introduce my big happy family:

These are my parents


(From Left to Right) – My mom, my brother, my father, me, my best friend, my brother, my sister, my sister (Olga), my niece and my nephew 

This is a picture of me and my brothers with my father in the middle 


(From Left to Right) – My sister (Olga), my mom., My dad, my brother, me and my sister

I’m so happy to be reunited with my family. I felt how much they loved me and how much they missed me, especially my parents.


One thing I like the most about going home aside from seeing my family, is seeing my friends! It’s amazing that even though we’re far from each other and we’re not talking every day, nothing has changed between our friendship.

We ate together, drank coffee and went out to party like we did before. We chatted and updated one another and talked about what happened since the last time we saw each other. I had a lot of fun!

Here are some photos but due to privacy matters, I opt to not to show my friends’ faces, I hope you do not mind. 

With the presence of my family and my friends, I can really say “I’m home”. They made my vacation filled with joy and love and I can’t wait to see them on my next vacation!




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