Super Halloween 2018

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while, so much to write on this blog, mostly are already posted on our social media accounts to keep you updated 😊 so please check it out.

Another Successful Event!

In behalf of Kikko English School Management and Staff, I would like to Thank once again all Participants with their Parents, Cast of “The Little Red Riding Hood” play and Volunteers for making our Halloween Party this year a success! Another memorable school gathering 🎉



This event allows children, both our own students and  visitors to experience trick or treating on their favorite costumes, make new friends and enjoy games which we prepared especially for them. Our main goal is to teach them how to socialize with the other kids, communicating to both teachers and participants, train them to be mindful of others and how to be a good sport through our activities. It is one of the teachers’ achievements to see their students not only excel in classroom learnings but how they should act accordingly outside especially in an event like this.



I hope everyone can join such school activity next time, young and not so young are welcome to take part and enjoy 😂 .


Till next blog!

Olga ❤️



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